Emotional and Personal Growth

Having found yourself single again, do you feel that you no longer "fit"? Having dealt with your loss, are you unsure how to move beyond the grief? Do you feel an itch to take a step but worry so much about direction that you lose momentum? Does a change in your life situation have you wondering if you've considered all your options for the future?

Women Alone Together's programs in the key focus area of emotional well-being and lifelong growth bring the knowledge and experience of counselors, mental health experts, and women who have dealt alone with many life situations. We are here to move beyond grief or fear or ignorance to take responsibility and make our own happiness.

If you are reluctant to begin a task you've never done before, would like to know how other women alone have dealt with a serious problem, or would just like a sounding board as you consider whether rafting the Colorado River IS a good idea, Women Alone Together may be for you.

Join us as we LEAD our own lives.